takes the exhibition space and transforms it into a place of play and discovery. Collaboratively, Jake Holmes and Daria Healy-Koljanin look to create spaces that feel familiar and nurturing. With a common interest of world-building, fantasy and creative experimentation
they whirl these concepts together to offer an experience and emotion to the audience. 

Jake experiences fatherhood for the first time with Alden, Daria moves house for the 7th time in a city with no blood-family. The common ground is personal culture, ritual, magic and sharing those practices with loved ones. We join in the wonder and imagination
of a child’s perspective offering magic through play or we practice making gentle spaces that nurture and feel safe for when we feel alone. 

powers lay in the ability to share such valuable and vulnerable parts of self. Jake and Daria have gifts of imagination, curiosity and silliness in which they will use to form their works. Over the month of May the two will work together to fill the space
with multi-disciplinary creations. Join us mid month for an open day and a closing party to see how it has evolved and celebrate the process of friendship and good times.

Photos by Jonathon Van Der Knaap

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