2022-23 Program

FEBRUARY Gallery opening

MAR-APR ‘Who Let The Flies In’

A group show with 67 Local SA Artists

Opening: Friday 25 Feb
Closing: Sunday 30 April


JUNE ‘Dream Tones’

By Daria Koljanin and Jake Holmes

Opening: Sunday 29 May
Closing: Sunday 26 Jun


JULY ‘Surf Photo Show’

incl. BYO photo comp

Opening: Friday 8 Jul
Closing: Sunday 31 Jul


AUG-SEP ‘Ghosts Of the Mosaicoral Empire Kingdom’

written by Kurt Bosecke

Opening: Friday 12 Aug 
Closing: Sunday 25 Sep


NOV-DEC ‘Semaphore' Emmaline Zanelli

Now showing

JAN-FEB ‘Surf City' Christo Reid

A historic surf photography exhibtion

FEB-MAR 'Move Like This' Hari

Monochrome paintings, illustrations and installations. For ADL Fringe

APR-MAY 'Six Faces South'

A group show, for a collection of artists based in the South Coast of SA.

Artists run shows

Twice a year, we open the gallery and invite artists to run their own show.