'Surf Photo Show'

'Surf Photo Show'

8 Jul–5 Aug 2022

The Surf Photo Show was a selection of eight local photographers exploring a range of surf and surf culture perspectives:

  • Photographer Hayden Richards (SA Rips) has created a cult following for his moody unique frames of the West Coast of SA
  • Che Chorley recently returning from being an ABC news photographer in the NT and is renown for his solo treadly adventure documenting the entire SA coastline.
  • Zoe Brooks interacts with different communities in thoughtful ways, her work for the surf show included an odd exchange with a stand up paddle boarder.
  • Ruby Johnson has been focusing on film to create some very striking imagery of surf youth culture around SA and the East Coast of Australia.
  • Darren Longbottom has been wildly exploring on jet ski the untouched and very hard to get to parts of the SA coastline.
  • Mitch Imgraben captured some corelord moments of surf action here in SA.
  • Thomas Ling a master on the longboard and behind the lense has delivered some delicious light and lifestyle on film.
  • Ryan Cantwell a city perspective of the shred, small figures in big landscapes with some very intriguing tractor framing flare.

The second part of the show was a BYO Surf Photo Show a gallery space dedicated to anyone and everyone bringing their own photos of the surf in and pin them up, we had prizes for various categories kindly sponsored by Daily Grind and Got Any Stickers.

The walls were filled to the brim and there were many great stories from groms to grandmas, one shot of ladies shredding in the 1920s on Ironing boards.


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