'Who Let The Flies In'

'Who Let The Flies In'

25 Feb–30 May 2022  

A single colour printmaking exploration by 67 South Australian Artists.

The idea behind the first show: 'Who Let The Flies In' is hidden in the title - the screen door is open, the first creative process started/equipment we purchased and set up in the space was screen printing. Hari Koutlakis is a screen corelord and has been a pertinent part of creating a screen print resource and operation.

At this stage the gallery and screen printing are hybrid operations while we make an exciting new space for the screen printing out the back, therefore to kick the gallery off we thought it would be great to start with a screen printing focus, Hari, Aidan and I team worked to invite artists, facilitate and print the show.

67 SA artists were invited to submit an artwork, we printed an edition of nine of each artwork, all one colour print on a nice heavy duty paper, and the prints are available for an affordable price of $45.00 each.

It has been a great simple way to see a little window into lots of great SA artists work, and in the process we felt like there are infinity others great artists we could have included so we want it to become an annual project mixing the printing format/process each time.

Photos by Jack Fenby

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